Sunday, September 8, 2013

I Support The Troops.

The NSA probably doesn't care much to spy on people who talk about supporting the troops, so maybe they'll bypass this post.

Anyway, I mean it. I DO very much support the troops, but definitely not the psychotic blood-hungry types our military breeds with hatred, who rape, murder, and whimsically kill innocents from behind a drone-controlling computer screen, detached by oceans and thousands of miles from their innocent victims. There are also many military personnel who sincerely believe that they are "fighting for our freedom." I don't really support those troops, I just pity them and their families, because the fact is, we've never had less freedom and never had more taxes since Britain ruled us. And oh, there are more black men in America's prisons today than were enslaved in the 1850s. To those troops I just say, "thanks for the freedom."

The military men and women who I do support are veterans of war (like Ron Paul), who have seen the hell of it and know too well the costs and unbearable pains they bring. I support the troops who recognize unjust wars that are waged for the greedy, by the greedy, and against the will of  over-burdened citizenry which they pretend to defend.  I support the troops in the group Veterans for Peace, for example, and those like them. I support Chelsea Manning.  In Israel,  those who refuse to carry out human abuses against the Palestinian people, are jailed and punished. These conscientious objectors are called "Refuseniks," and I support those troops as well.

Today, as I witness the media absurdity that President Obama and the rest of the ruling elite need to "make the case to the American people" for a strike on Syria- again, completely ignoring our Constitution which says it should be exactly the other way around, stupid! As I see it, it is the role of the American people to make a case for war TO the president. This is the very reason why it is written that only through congressional representatives' approval can war be waged legally. The REPRESENTATIVES are theoretically supposed to REPRESENT. Therefore, the military is really intended to be the people's army, and war was never meant to be waged without the consent of the governed. 

Today, poll after poll shows that the American people are overwhelmingly opposed to a strike against Syria, and calling on our congresspersons doesn't seem to be helping. We have a deaf Senate and a "father" dictator who thinks he knows best. He knows better than God, even, and the good Pope Francis, who wrote to Russia's leader, Putin, personally urging him on behalf of the Catholics of the world, to help control America's rabid and destructive hunger for intervention and war!

I am utterly disgusted with what I hear coming out of the mouths of America's talking heads today, from Kerry to Pelosi, to Obama. Their round-the-clock performances of hypocrisy and lies - damn lies - are making me feel sick to the stomach.

The American people know better and are saying a loud and clear NO to a strike against Syria, but the higher ups don't seem to be listening.  So what can we do? What can one person do? This is the most frustrating question which makes constitutionally dis-empowered citizens like me, feel like a bunch of helpless spectators to a living nightmare.

Not in my name! I decided I'm going to start looking for and supporting American "refuseniks," soldiers of conscience who will refuse to fight an unconstitutional war. One organization I know a little about is "The Oath Keepers,"  a nonpartisan association of current and former military, reserves, National Guard, vets, police officers, and fire fighters, who take oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. Maybe I'll donate some money there.  It's gotta feel more patriotic than paying taxes these days.

As far as I'm concerned, our government is at war with our Bill of Rights, folks. What is happening all over America is constitutionally illegal. From bank bailouts, to tax fraud and intimidation, to corrupt politics, politicians, and their blind foreign policies.

Heck, yeah! I support the troops-- especially those who take seriously the defense of our Constitution against domestic enemies who threaten our peace.

Stay tuned... to the Revolution.

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