Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Pistorius Saga Pauses


Maybe if I kept my mouth shut, we wouldn't have to wait another month to get a verdict on the Oscar Pistorius case, huh?

It looks like the judge in the trial has ordered that the defendant undergoes a one-month-long psychiatric evaluation to investigate more deeply the anxiety disorder Dr. Vorster claimed he had.

All kidding aside, I am very surprised that the case has taken this sharp turn, and that Pistorius was taken for a psychiatric evaluation during the Easter recess, three days after I wrote about his childhood trauma(s) and how it may connect to the murder.

If Pistorius makes it out alive from this psychiatric evaluation (I cannot imagine the depth of pain  from revisiting his past in such a way), the results of it will have to become public. I'm sure the thought of his life being laid out for the world to judge him by is terrifying. But his case also has the potential of bringing new light to a dark world. A world that downplays the importance of childhood experiences, from pregnancy to birth to infancy to bonding and security, and how these play a role in the future of our PHYSICAL and mental health.

I know the Broo readers might welcome a break from this story for the next month, but I can't wait to hear more details about his amputation, birth, and early relationships with his parents. Don't laugh, but I wonder if he was circumcized, and under what circumstances. I am firmly against any circumcision, male or female; so, I also wonder if his amputation at 11-months, not only caused him trauma from the horrific experience itself, but also a double-trauma due to his body memory of the circumcision that preceeded it. Two body violations before the age of one.  Something's gotta give.

Keep your ears on...

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