Friday, December 6, 2013

These Are The Colorful Times

In the spirit of the season and leaving all politics and the Angelinas and Kims behind for now, this blog post will simply be a mixed update on some of the creative and not-so-creative "colorful" projects started and discussed in previous posts here on the Broo. Hope everyone had a grateful Thanksgiving and enjoying the festivities of the holiday season.  I regret not posting more frequently lately, but as you will see, my hands have been occupied.

On the crochet front:

Tea Cozies....and then there were three...and many admirers waiting for their garments to be made.

Then there was a birthday hat for Mayya. (actual Mayya wears it much more beautifully than my model here).

On Toe Color Therapy:

After getting a kick out of the rainbows, my son asked me to put planets on my toes, with specific instructions that Neptune should be on my second toe. This four-year-old is a huge fan of anything space or astronomy, so I decided to give it a shot (no pun intended) and paint the sun and the traditionally known nine planets in the solar system, one on each toe. As you can see, the results were pretty brutal. Can you guess the planets?

So you know what they say about not succeeding the first time. I decided to try again but to keep it simple, and just paint my son's favorite two planets on the big toenails, and on the rest of the toe nails paint nothing but star spots on top of the dark base.  Here are the results. Now can you guess the planets? 
(Excuse the remains of the spilled yellow and red nail polish on my feet.)

UPDATE: I got a compliment on my planetary pedicure the other day, in the middle of a jam-packed yoga class, from a male instructor! Apparently, yoga Toe Color Therapy is contagious and makes others smile, too.

On growing out the gray hair:

I finally got a good haircut to remove much of the tired colored hair I'm trying to get rid of. Of course, my hair stylist was aghast and tried to convince me not to let the gray grow out, but I stood my ground. I didn't do anything special with this cut. It's still long and very layered now, but the next cut will hopefully be short enough to be fully naturally colored. Right now, this is a hard (and sloooow) stage to be in, but to be honest, I'm not finding the "skunk" to be too offensive or unsightly. It's blending in an interesting way. I'm very excited about the gray peeking underneath!

And we end with some new holiday decorations:

As I've mentioned before, we don't live in a big space, so decorations are limited to a small tree and a scene drawn on the glass. Last year it was Santa. Here is the scene we painted on the sliding door this year. I used window markers, and drew it from the outside, so that it's less prone to damage from my son's wandering little hands on the inside. That way, he can also use the pens to draw anything he wants on the inside panels. I wipe it clean from the inside daily, so he can draw new images. This can keep him engaged for hours, giving me this kind of time to blog, for example.

It's wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic to work and play with color, even grey!

I hope you're staying cozy...

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