Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kim Kanyeshian

If you haven't heard that Kim Kardashian had her baby yet, lucky you, you must live in a cave.

The gossip media (is there another kind these days?) has been holding its collective breath waiting for the baby photos...or anything about the baby girl of father Kanye West born last Saturday.

I'm sure the baby photos and name will be announced soon. Suspense, suspense.

In the meantime...

I'm not a celebrity follower by any means, I don't even know what Kim Kardashian is famous for and I don't think I know a single Kanye West song. But there's a certain level of celebrity, which includes Angelina Jolie, who are in your media face and you cant get away from their headline-making news.

I will admit though,  that I have been closely following Kim's pregnancy. Not so much because I care, but because her pregnancy fully reminded me of my own 4 years ago. For example I gained 65 pounds and was swollen all over and felt alien in my own body. I also ended up giving birth 4 weeks early, as she did.

But the last thing I expected from her was a natural childbirth.

Cool...I wonder if she also ate her placenta as I did...well, sort of.

Stay tuned..

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