Monday, June 24, 2013

To TV or not TV?


So we've decided to put our son on a "TV diet." This actually means a complete fast from TV. Not even yoga or language DVDs. His behavior had been "off" lately, so we decided to further limit his limited TV watching, as per Dr. Moore's advice. Our boy didn't throw a fit, and by the second day, he stopped asking for TV altogether.

Guess what... It works. Each time we lessen the time our son spends in front of the TV, his behavior improves markedly! Obviously this gives him extra time to spend on all his other toys and projects, which leads to his being more engaged in play and creativity, which gets my notice and positive attention, and ultimately everyone wins. Bingo!

TV is even more toxic than I thought it was six years ago, when we decided to discontinue our cable subscription.

I'm convinced that if adults tried a "TV diet," and just unplugged for a week or so-- from late night laptop surfing, too-- they would see the same kind of positive results in the quality of their moods and lives. I'll bet it might even save some marriages!


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