Saturday, July 6, 2013

Elizabeth Snowden

Edward Snowden's mother, Elizabeth, must be sighing a small sigh of relief now that some Latin countries have begun to step forward to offer her son asylum to protect him from his own country, which ironically is prosecuting him as a criminal for being a true American and exercising his basic constitutional rights and "freedoms." I suspect some credit for his true Americanism must go to the fact that he hasn't been corrupted and mentally diffused by formal institutionalized schooling.

Even though almost nothing has been said about her in the mainstream media, I feel a sadness for Snowden's mother every time his name headlines the news. My heart goes out to any mother who's child was lost or whose life is in danger. It's the humanimal in me. As my own mother always says, "a mother is a mother is a mother, everywhere!" A woman's heart is worried sick with pain for her child, no matter who the child is.

So I did a news search and found very little about Elizabeth Snowen as she ducked the media early when the story first broke out. This is the first sign I found that she is a rational person. I was able to find plenty about his "dancer" girlfriend and even a picture of his step-mother, but what little I found about Snowden's parents tells me that they are extremely decent people who are guilty of nothing except instilling a true American sense of justice and heritage in their brave son.

A neighbor, Ann Marie Conway, described Elizabeth in one report:

"His mother is a lovely woman. She's hardworking, has high integrity. I can't imagine that she would teach him to do anything other than what was right."

And what Edward Snowden did WAS right, by any rational definition. But alas, we are living in irrational times when north is south and wrong is right and black is white and up is down. God help us all. 

The picture in America is absurd, and it has never been more important for us citizens to insist on our rights than it is today.

I see much hope in Snowden as an American hero--the Paul Revere of the the New Revolution. Not only did he put his money where Ron Paul's mouth is, he also put it on his own life and on his mother's broken heart. That's a big price to pay for liberty.

Viva La Revolution.

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