Monday, July 1, 2013

Even Google Gets It!

" Google is increasingly hiring candidates who have no formal education, to the extent that you now see teams at the Chocolate Factory where 14 per cent of the team members have no college background." - Lazlo Bock, senior vice-president of people operations at Google.

Read the entire interview here.

Today, it seems higher education can be a total waste of time. With all the technology and online courses available to students, cheating has become so easy and rampant that one university even dedicates a course to study it. Unless one is specializing in something like medicine or law,  a college education is looking more and more like an extension of high school, where kids party and have a good time very expensively in order to become indentured servants.

I say, better to take all that money and put it towards traveling abroad to improve your chances of success!

If I could do it all over again, I would have ditched both my college degrees and instead got certified in midwifery and teaching yoga straight out of high school. I would have saved time, and banked a lot more money.

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