Thursday, July 11, 2013

Now Here's a Great Woman!

Irish Parliamentarian Clare Daly, who dared to call out Obama and his hypocrite policies by simply speaking truth to power (video below). This act takes true instinctive female courage, unlike the short list of the female American counterparts I mentioned in my previous post, who all seem to suffer from penis envy instead.

Makes me wish we had a Clare Daly in America. But admittedly, we do have some women who come pretty darn close. Congresswoman Cynthia MaKinney and Activist Cindy Sheehan are just two that popped to my mind, but I believe both have been imprisoned at least once in their work for justice. In America, it's a dangerous job for a female to step out of the male-authored script without getting in trouble in her career.

In the spirit of bitches brooing, please watch...

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