Saturday, July 20, 2013

Racism Schmacism!

 Since the president couldn't convince the American people, now the celebrities have been unleashed on us to drum the message louder and insist that America is racially divided between black and white, and that's that! Thank you Jay Z and Beyoncé.

BLOG POST from Beyonce   Jay Z and Beyoncé Attend "Justice for Trayvon" Rally in NYC

I'm sorry, folks, but I'm not biting on the hatred.

Just this morning while driving back from my yoga practice in Dupont Circle DC, I passed by a gay male wedding celebration taking place on the lawn of a church. One groom was black, the other was white . They looked very much in love and their wedding party honored and celebrated them. I didn't see a speck of hate there. 
(not the actual couple I saw)

So, why do our president, celebrities, and the malicious mainstream media talking-heads keep hammering the points of all our divisions, rather than celebrating the points of our unification? Why not unify us over the US Constitution, for example? I think if its influence were revived in our vast society, we'd all get along splendidly. We would finally share a real common 'heritage'. which as a multicultural nation right now, we are sorely missing. This might very well be what the founding founders envisioned for our future, a country open to all who believe in liberty and who are willing to live by the genius of the great Bill of Rights that gives the people security against government bullying. The founding fathers envisioned an armed and respected citizenry that is unwilling to exchange government "security" for individual liberty. Look at us now. Surely they are rolling in their graves at the state of American affairs today.

Well...the powers that be clearly must be interested in our division in order to distract us and displace our outrage against the ruling elite who are equal-opportunity bullies that spy on us, grope us, harass us, murder us, steal and misspend our money, and abuse our civil liberties day after day. The government scandals of today are endless, but the president and his posse want to talk about race wars.

I'm sorry Mr. Obama. but unlike you, I see racism as something that WILL "go away" and is going away -- Whether you like it or not!

Memo to CNNBCBSABCFOXNEWS: Where were you in 2007 when  HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS (not a few dozen) of Americans, including celebrities, of mixed color, age, and creed  descended upon the nation's capital to speak out with one voice against unconstitutional WARS?

Image: Capitol protest

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