Sunday, August 4, 2013

Remember The Good Old Days of "Terrror Alerts?"


The Obama Administration must be nostalgic for the days when we had the "Terror Alert" icon show up in the corners of our TV screens and daily newspapers across America, as if it were the daily weather report.

Thanks for the hopey changey gift you bear, Prez! The future of America sure looks as colorful as you promised.

Although the mainstream media seems to be doing everything it can to aid the government in making a propaganda case for more NSA spying on Americans (and thereby a case against Edward Snowden) using the tired old "al-Qaeda threat" excuse, this time, I don't think the people are buying it. Behold the writing on the blogosphere walls.

1. Fake Washington Terror Threat

2. I Am Yawning Over Another Fake Terror Alert (Living Life Will Kill More People Today Than Al Qaeda Will) So Why Be Afraid?

3.  US Embassy Closures Show Policy Failures 

These are just a few articles I came across from around the web that show a growing public distrust in our government. You may like to read them if you're interested in American politics outside the CNNBCBSFOXNEWS box of gloom and doom.

Maybe this is a sign that some small ripples of real "hope and change" are finally beginning to emerge.

Stay the Revolution!




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