Monday, August 26, 2013

Want The Truth? Turn it on.

My sister-in-blogging, Tracey, recently saw a UFO and wrote about it on her blog. I, for one, believe her. But that's another story. I'm bringing it up because she closes her essay frustrated with the lack of information her research returned, saying, "The truth is out there. (Would somebody mind sending it my way?)"

So, I, the good Ron Paulian, complied, and jokingly sent her a link to the now fully running Ron Paul Channel, where the slogan is "Turn off the TV. Turn on the truth."

I became a member of the channel since the first day of its launching a few weeks ago, featuring a star interview with Glenn Greenwald. Every single episode since has been a breath of fresh air compared to the hot air that saturates the airwaves today.

You can get a free viewing of the trailers of all the shows so far here. But for only $9.95 monthly, you can see Ron's full shows and expand your mind, heart, and appreciation for true American liberty. This is the best cable I ever subscribed to.

Ron is a natural speaker, but it turns out he's also an equally impressive presenter! Who'da thunk it? The good doctor is now fighting the media with media-- fire with fire. The revolution now has a chance. This man is America's gift that keeps on giving, and my appreciation for him just never stops growing.

I'm not sure what Ron Paul's opinion on UFOs is, Tracey. Maybe the topic will come up one day on one of his shows, since this is another one of those things the government is not telling us the truth about.

Stay tuned planet earth...It's Paul Time.

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