Monday, October 7, 2013

It's Getting Scary To Be A Parent In America

Lately, I've had a little cloud of hopelessness following me around because of the stories I keep reading in the news. The news stories I refer to are not the ones about stalkers, rapists, and child predators which saturate the media. I'm referring to the ones where government agents and employees barbarically treat parent citizens with such impunity, with no regard for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," and snatch away their children.  I'm pretty sure I'm quoting our Declaration of Independence from tyranny here! Maybe I'm just lost and confused in these times of truly amazing stories, where the reality is that our rights have long since expired along with my American illusion.

Children in America are fast-losing their natural-born right to the care of a parent, and instead they are being tossed into child-care institutions at infancy while the government dictates their education, vaccination, place of residence, "wellbeing," and what have you. It seems that our children have become the property of the government. I admit I am a little extra jaded about this topic because of past experiences I've been through with my husband in a classic custody battle which put out the light in our eyes for a year. There aren't too many feelings of helplessness that compare to standing before a judge who decides the fate of your own children.  This has happened to us and has marked us forever. But folks, I'm not talking about custody battles here. Today, we see kids who are being snatched away from peaceful homes and from their loving happily married parents, too. I'm actually starting to seriously worry that one day this government will have the right to snatch away our own son from us for whatever reason it sees fit. Maybe the government will decide it doesn't like my home-schooling, or the food and medicine I feed my son, or the medical decisions we make for him, or the style of haircuts he gets, or even the content of my blog?

Where does it end, when there's a draft to war?

What tipped me over the edge today was reading about the Amish family that had their 10-year-old sick child taken away by an Ohio court because the parents wanted to give their cancer-stricken daughter a break from cancer-causing toxic chemotherapy! The already ill and traumatized child, who begs not to have any more chemo and whose days are already sadly numbered, is further traumatized by her separation and placement in the care of a complete stranger! Is this really necessary? Are these parents so dangerous to their child that they need to be kept away from her? This Amish mother and father never refused to treat or heal their daughter, they just disagreed with the hospital's prescription-- a prescription which automatically became the law? Of course, nobody knows the full context of the story, but still this outcome truly scares me and adds to the examples of cases that prove that American parents have lost the right to freely raise their own children.  Will home-birthing soon follow to become a criminal act in America because some judge has been given the all-knowing power to "protect the wellbeing of a child." Will the government one day mandate that all babies be born on operating tables for their "protection?" The language below, used by the appellate court in this case, is disturbing, and it sets a most dangerous precedent which ought to alarm every parent in America:

"While we have no doubt that the parents are acting in accordance with their principles, beliefs and honest convictions and that their goal may be a laudable one, it does not justify or nullify the right of the state and the probate court to protect the health and wellbeing of a child."

How exactly are these unconstitutional and brutal actions by the court protecting the "health and well being" of this child?  Is this dying and heart-broken little girl now better off in the custody of a strange hospital worker? Will she be taken to the hospital with a total stranger and be forced to have the chemo administered to her without the loving and assuring presence of her parents? If this isn't an assault on a child's birth rights, I don't know what is. If this isn't legalized kidnapping, I don't know what is! If this isn't down-right state terrorism, I don't know what is. When the courts can take away our children for no good reason and choose medications for us because they are in bed with the pharmaceuticals, what next will they be forcing us to do, line up in a row and jump off a cliff? We have become a nation of true slavery when citizens procreate and are forced to hand over their offspring to the governing lords who have their own lobby-crafted definition of "health and wellbeing."

And who remembers little Alexandia Hill, the 2-year-old who was also recently taken away from her peaceful parents and placed in foster care by a judge because the parents were guilty of the oh-so-criminal act of smoking marijuana, only to be brutally killed by her foster mother within months of her placement?

"We never hurt our daughter,” the girl's father said. “She was never sick, she was never in the hospital, and she never had any issues until she went into state care.”

Now the little girl is dead. Heckuva job, Judge!

If anyone tried to take away my child or tried to harm him in any way, I don't know what I would do.  I might just lose my motherly wrath to insanity and go on a crazy driving spree in downtown DC,  just like that 34-year-old mother did last week. And since apparently my child belongs to the state, the cops might remove my son,  their human "property," from the car before they shoot another unarmed and defenseless mother to pieces...just like they protected the "wellbeing" of Miriam Carey's now orphaned baby. In case you missed it, this ugly and under-reported detail accidentally slipped out from a witness in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN.

I pray for the Amish family of Sarah Hershberger. I pray for the parents and soul of Alexandria Hill. I pray for the soul of Miriam Carey and her motherless baby.  I still pray for Elizabeth Snowden, Edward Snowden's mother, as I pray for all mothers and fathers whose children's lives are put in danger by the unchecked bullying of big government everywhere.

And since I honestly don't know what I would do if someone tried to seriously harm or take away my child, I mostly pray that I'll never find out.

Let's all pray for America, and her children.

Stay tuned...

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