Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beautiful Human of the Month: Scott Sonnon

Scott Sonnon is a highly respected name in martial arts, fitness, and yoga. He is considered by some to be somewhat of a guru, and he's also the founder of the new Prasara yoga style which is very focused on strength in poses and transitions. Many advanced yogis today could only dream of doing the kind of stuff he does. Scott is truly unique. Here's a short demo of this physical genius at art.

When you look at this, of course you see lots of physical beauty, but what made Scott Sonnon beautiful enough for me to inspire this monthly feature was watching him in raw human form on Youtube giving this TEDx Talk in Bellingham earlier this month. To me, Scott Sonnon is the ultimate picture of strength, confidence, intelligence and love. Imagine my shock to learn from watching this that his childhood and his school beginnings were the exact opposite-- weakness, crushed self-esteem, learning struggles, and violence. Like many men and women I admire, he defied his tormentors by feeding his internal and external powers and rising above the storm.

In this moving presentation, he credits his mother for inspiring him to break out and make drastic changes in himself and in his life. In spite of his institutionalized schooling, it is the home-lessons he received from his mother that really counted towards his success. Another living testament to the importance of 'home lessons' and the real presence of parents in children's lives. Scott has much to say about schools and his own learning disabilities, but he really nails it with his message to our modern right-brained-female-advantaged schools of today.

"We end learning disability when we stop disabling learning."

Here's Scott's talk on "How we suppress the genius and create learning disability," and here's a mini biography which tells a little more about him. Scott is also active on Facebook.

The world is full of beautiful humans like him, and I hope to feature some of them regularly on the Broo.

Stay tuned...

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To me, Scott Sonnon is the ultimate picture of strength, confidence, Scott Sonnon