Saturday, November 16, 2013

Makeup Freedom: Week 2

Last week I reported that my new "makeup freedom" has led to the habits of washing, splashing, and moisturizing my face much more frequently. So naturally as I do these things more often, I'm tending to give my face a little extra massage when I dab that Nivea cream on, applying some of the face yoga methods I'd already been doing. So I'm happy to report that another bonus I found to makeup freedom, is the ability to give the face more workouts, at any time of the day. No worries about messing up the mascara.

A dear friend and reader of this blog left me a concerned message about my decision to give up makeup. In typical trilingual Arabic that most of my Lebanese friends speak, she asked:

"Shou osset il maquillage ou wishshek? Kissikhta, yalli byisma3ek kaano kul yom bit7otti tonne foundation 3a wishshek. You only did your eyes, so shou hal maw'af yalli akhadtee dod il maquillage halla'?"

An online translator will probably explode if you tried to cut and paste this passage, so here's the translation:

"What's the story about the makeup and your face? (Expletive), listening to you it's as if every day you apply a ton of foundation on your face. You only did your eyes, so what's this stand that you've taken against makeup now?"

To answer my friend's question, I didn't really take a total stand against makeup, just the ritual of applying it every day. Luckily, I can get away with this because I don't have a corporate career or anything like that right now. I still plan to wear makeup for special outings and occasions. I especially look forward to flashing a tonne of eye makeup when the gray hair starts to crown my face!

Oh, on the subject of maquillage, I think you'll get a big kick out of these pictures of the magical power of a good makeup job. Unbelievable!

Stay tuned...

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