Saturday, November 9, 2013

Makeup Freedom: Week 1

So far, I'm very much liking the feeling in my face without any makeup. As a result of not having any eye-liner or mascara to smudge, I've developed this new habit of splashing cold water on my face almost every time I'm near a sink. Ahhhhh...It's such a picker upper, and it gives the face a fresh (though temporary) glow. I'm finding it very liberating to be able to do this as often as I want, especially before and after yoga classes. I'm also enjoying squirting rosewater on my face more often now--something I've always liked to do for the cooling effect and other cosmetic benefits.

But this new face washing habit of mine can make my skin feel a little dry, so I'm reaching out more for one of the NIVEA cream jars I've always kept tucked in my bedroom, living room, kitchen, handbag, and car for moisturizing my hands. Now I 'm using just a spot on my face a couple of times a day. I've never really been much into facial moisturizers. Even when I was wearing makeup, I only used a few drops of sandalwood (with jojoba) or rose essential oils once a day, and that was that. But by the end of most days, my face looked and felt dry and dehydrated. But not anymore.

I recently read that NIVEA is better for the face than the ultra expensive Creme De La Mer, which I used to use about ten years ago, until I boycotted it for political reasons. Let's see if this new routine of mine might be helping control the wrinkles, too!

Stay tuned...

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