Wednesday, May 20, 2020

My Liberty Doesn’t End Where your Fear Begins!

American Revolutionary War Artist Don Troiani

Ok, I’m one of those people. I’m your friend, your colleague, your sister, cousin, neighbor, stranger, who you suddenly disrespect, distrust, and shame because she chooses to avoid wearing a mask. Look, if it’s not a policy, I will not cover up. Wearing a mask all day is as useful as walking around with a bike helmet on your head in case you trip. Yes, I’m one of those labeled a “covidiot” breaking many of the baseless rules that don’t make sense, because I take my brain, my freedom and the US Constitution that was given to me VERY SERIOUSLY.

I’m an Arab-immigrant, naturalized since 2000. Immigrants come to this country and get to participate in the greatest idea that humanity ever came up with, Democracy. We were handed freedom on a silver platter. Most of us don’t have grandfathers and great-grandfathers who fought in WWI and WWII on the American side. Most of us, don’t come from a lineage of military, American slavery or the Civil Rights battles. Most of us immigrants (Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, other) don’t have great-great grandfathers who served as Minutemen in the American Revolution, or soldiers in the Union and Confederate Armies of the Civil War. Most of us might not even have a basic understanding of what it really means to be American. We simply don’t have it in our DNA. We’re the newcomers to this dream. So we behave like lucky obedient guests, take sides with the popular opinions, while enjoying the civility, infrastructure, social/health services, nature, peace, and taxes that fund them. Yes, many of us vote, too, but for the most part, we just shut up, try to stay out of trouble, follow the rules, and try to live peacefully.  

So, maybe those armed “White Thugs” out in the Michigan capitol building just happened to be white because, unlike us citizenship “inheritors,” they are the ones who have the original American spirit of the Constitution running through their veins. Did anyone consider that perhaps these people might simply have been armed because they were re-sending the clear message of their forefathers, that the people are the boss?  Might a few of those white guys and gals even be direct descendants of our Founding Fathers who made sure to give us the now heavily debated 2nd Amendment - that the ONLY and FINAL power will ultimately be in the hands of the American people? Could this be the reason why most of them happen to be white? Wouldn’t it be a great country if black Americans also dared to join in this anti-tyrannical stand? But no, let’s focus on these guys’ whiteness and change the subject to guns and Trump. Easy as CNN.

That’s what’s meant by “an armed society is a civil society.” WE have the power over OUR ELECTED rulers, not vice versa.

LOOK AT US! Reduced to serfs by the world’s biggest most corrupt government and corporate class.

LOOK AT US! Believing every lie and infantile politicized handling of this allegedly serious pandemic. It hasn’t been that long ago since we went through a much worse pandemic. And you know what? Life went on. Woodstock happened. People died, and a LOT of people survived. Society survived. We were simply less gullible.

Today, all is lost, folks, and Biden isn’t going to save us, especially if he appoints a white tyrant thug disguised as a woman for VP.

LOOK AT US! We’re drowning in confusion and fear games. The media games. The social media games. The political games. Games, games, games. We have been reduced to a simpleton sports fan mentality of being either with the red team or with the blue team. Here are your candidates. Don’t think too much, just pick the best of the worst that was picked for you. Give us all your rights, one by one, with each “crisis.” Put the good and honorable who speak out about these injustices in jail. 

LOOK AT US! We’ve gotten to the point where the right to BREATHE AIR is prohibited. We all walk around with our mouths sealed as we listen to the same media sources and “experts” who feared us into countless unnecessary wars and corrupt elections in the past. Most Americans can no longer critically think for themselves and are (tragically) so far removed from our human instincts and intuition due to hypnosis by all the politicized messages coming upon us. So, most Americans, are programmed to takes sides. “With us, or with the terrorist,” another invisible face mask we willing wore and accepted from George W. in 2001.

LOOK AT US! We’re being forced into poverty.  Are we so willing to give up the right to our body by mass vaccination mandates? Are we so willing to be tracked, forced, stopped, frisked, harassed by more TSA-like thugs to feel safe? Where in the Bill of Rights does it say that the government has to keep us safe? WE are only safe if we’re safe from the tyrants. In fact, one of our Founding Founders Ben Franklin said "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." This guy KNEW his history! Next time someone tries to take my temperature when I walk into a store, I’ll tell them they can get a much more accurate reading rectally!

The average American doesn’t even know how our living Constitution came about in a less than shallow manner. If they did know some history, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. Our collective eyes would be much more widely open. This forced prison-schooling of my son has clearly revealed that the education system has no interest in creating citizens who know much about their history, or any subject for that matter. It seems that they just want to train them in being constantly plugged in and lose all peripheral vision so they can be better managed as adults.  The history curriculum must have been intentionally created to be flunked.

LOOK AT US! Forced into poverty. Stolen childhoods. Stolen lives. Stolen futures. Stolen rights. Locked indoors and becoming less and less immune to even the slightest bug because we’re not getting fresh air, sunshine, nor socializing and touching. These are basic human rights! And don’t give me any bullshit about the greatness of Zoom. They’re spying on you, too.

So when you see these “white thugs” standing up to TYRANTS, you should at least not criticize your fellow citizen from behind your sealed mouth and delicate latex-covered hands while they do the risky and dirty work of protecting what little is left of YOUR liberties. Please don’t call yourself liberal if you don’t even believe in liberty! Whether you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican, something else or nothing, and have an understanding of what it really means to be an American, you ought to at least respect their rights and bravery to take a real RISK, not the psychological risk of passing a masked-jogger two inches closer than 6 feet away from her. Oh, what a threat you are with all that breathing you do, people!

Yes, I was handed my citizenship on a silver platter. But one thing that I did which the natural born citizen doesn’t have to do if they don’t want to, is to swear to defend the Constitution of the United States and to be willing to bear arms to defend it from foes foreign AND domestic. It doesn’t say we must obey the president or the rulers, it says defend the Constitution! And as far as my motherly/educator eyes can see, there’s a very big domestic crime going on against our children right now. And it didn’t just start with this pandemic hysteria either. It’s been shamefully going on for decades. That’s why I backed Marianne Williamson in the Democratic race. She deeply understands that there is no future if we don’t take care of our children. There can be no other priority. Not even in the midst of a pandemic. ESPECAILLY in the midst of a pandemic. The children are not in danger and they are our greatest resource. Why can’t they play in parks? Why can’t they go to school? Why can’t they celebrate their birthdays with their healthy friends and family? Nobody can truthfully answer these questions so the propaganda machines are now pushing a new “Covid-related” respiratory disease in children. Oh, yeah? A common cold is also a “Covid-related” virus. Notice that this is only reported in America by the American media.

"...the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped. "-Last Speech of Hubert H. Humphrey 

In almost every global poll published that ranks children, we suck! We also suck at all the other stuff in the quote. Furthermore, we also suck at maternal mortality during childbirth because we were filled with, guess what? Fear! We have become so terrified of childbirth that we started distrusting the wisdom of women’s bodies. American women today have given up this magical experience only to be butchered by the hands of the medical establishment who botch up C-sections and births at much higher rates than homebirths! (Which featured stories do you hear of most in the scare media?) But we, Americans, accept this mindless shit and are too asleep to do our own digging for the truth. Too asleep to make health and medical decisions for ourselves. We’re playing their games and getting distracted.. Oh Em Gee! The president just touched his obese face. Quick, put it in the headlines.

Shame on us if we don’t right this wrong. Shame on us if we allow these tyrants to rob our children’s lives and to take control of every aspect of our own health and livelihoods. We’re allowing the current culture to treat our children like cockroaches, scurrying from corner to corner of our homes. No other children to contribute to the rapid development of their minds, bodies, and social interaction skills. Plugged into screens all day watching mind-fogging garbage. Whether “educational” or not, too much screen time harms children’s developing brains (and adults for that matter). Science knows this fact. Steve Jobs knew this fact and didn’t allow his own children iPads or iPhones and enrolled them in screen-free Waldorf schools. But the joke’s on us. We’re the addicts, they’re the dealers.

Shame on us for making the legalized spies and thieves richer and richer (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, big corporate/agri/pharma complexes), and ourselves poorer and poorer in money and spirit by buying into their destructive products and lies! We are now literally surrendering our lives with white flags to be their indebted servants, WILLING to be watched, controlled, vaccinated, and imprisoned because we are terrified of empty words and a virus with a 95% survival rate. Where are the free? Where are the brave?

“There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.”  -famously said by FDR.

Look. I get it if you’re a little afraid because you don’t even know who to trust anymore. I get it if you don’t have the same kind of courage it takes to stand armed against a tyrannical government, and sing the Star Spangled Banner on the house floor. But you could at least protest. You could at least say no. You could at least find common ground with the “white thugs” and every other American from every color, religion, background, and education who is here for liberty. It is our own rulers that “hate us for our freedoms,” not the ghost terrorist the TSA thugs have yet to capture. That common ground that we should all agree on is OUR LIBERTY. We are being brainwashed to hate each other and disrespect our most basic right of being who we are, free and free-thinking. We are giving our rights away because we are kept distracted by a most dangerous emotion, false fear. And worst of all, fear of each other. I am not afraid of this virus. People will always die. How can we be accepting a government that is out-lawing simple LIVING with the excuse that it is saving us from dying?

“Give me liberty, or give me death!” That’s Patrick Henry for you, another American white thug, eh?

I’m sorry Mr. President, Mr. & Mrs. Governors, and Mr. and Mrs. Mayors, but every single one of you made that same oath to defend the Constitution as I did. The difference is, I take it seriously. Therefore, your job is not to protect us. Your ONLY job is to protect OUR RIGHTS, and everything else will take care of itself peacefully, intellectually, and effectively. How can we trust a government that doesn’t even trust us?

George W, sold us an illegitimate war by mumbling that we shouldn’t get fooled twice. “There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on… um,  shame on you. Fool me…you can't get fooled again.”

My fellow citizens, we have been systematically fooled and have been reduced to mumbling creatures shaped by sound-bites. It’s time to wake up and ROAR together!

We’ve reached the end of our National Anthem. Can we still sing “land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE” with a straight (masked) face? Hell, no! Not if we don’t come together and do something about this Constitutional crisis we’re in.

These are the “Tyrannical Twenties.” So either you rise for liberty NOW…or get the hell out of the way and take good notes.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

All Is Gray, Hooray!

The moment finally arrived. Since making the decision in November 2013 until now, I grew enough natural hair to be able to finally get a short haircut. The honor of the scissors went to Michel, the greatest, most experienced, and possibly the oldest hair dresser in Lebanon. He did my grandmother's hair, my mother's hair, my aunts' hair, my hair, and next week he will cut my son's hair. If you're wondering how old he is...well, he'll soon be 80!


 The Masestro cutting.

Getting short...I needed  cigarette, c'est normal au Liban..


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cinnamon Leaf Oil: A Solution for Summer Pests, and More!

Wouldn't summer be better if we all didn't get stung by mosquitoes and pests that leave colonies of bites all over our limbs? Personally, I've had more summer vacations ruined by mosquito bites than I care to remember. I'm one of those people who is a living magnet for mosquitoes, and it's been a joke in my social circle that when I'm around nobody else gets stung. I'm like a human citronella candle.

And speaking of those candles, I've never really liked them, nor have I found them to be effective. Before I knew any better, I would always use the commercial bug sprays on myself, which are usually full of toxins. Then several years ago I read something about cinnamon leaf oil and its effectiveness in keeping bugs away and killing mosquitoes better than DEET. So I tried it, and I haven't gone back to anything else since. It absolutely works, when I remember to spray it on, that is. And as my experience with this essential oil grew, I came upon two new discoveries. First, cinnamon leaf oil not only keeps mosquitoes away, but it keeps animals away, too! So for example if you aren't an animal lover and you're visiting a friend who has a dog or cat, rest assured that the pet will stay far away from you if you dab some on. I've recently discovered that you can even mix it into your favorite sunscreen for dual skin protection.

But my newest and most exciting discovery in using cinnamon leaf oil is for gardening. Having lived in condos most of my adult life, I've never been a gardener. But when we moved to our house recently, I wanted to try my thumbs at growing some cucumbers and sweet peppers. But to my utter disappointment, the bugs were merciless on my new plantings and they ate up the leaves and flowers right away. Not wanting to use any insecticide on my plant foods, I decided to try spraying my cinnamon oil solution on the leaves and see what happens. I did this once a day and well, a miracle happened. The bugs stopped eating at the plants, and all the new leaves are now growing healthily without any holes in them. Look at the picture, only the old leaves have been eaten.

Now I don't know how this solution might affect the taste or quality of the resulting veggies and fruits because I haven't found anything at all on the Internet that suggests using it on plants. I guess I'm just going to have to find this out for myself, unless you're a green-thumbed person and are curious enough to join in my continued experimentation with this discovery.

So here's what you do. This is the same mix I use to spray on the body and clothing before venturing outdoors.

In a spray bottle, mix a proportion of 5 drops cinnamon leaf essential oil to each 1 oz. of filtered water (multiply the ratio as needed). Fill a small bottle for personal use and a large one for gardening. Shake well before each use.

Try it, folks. It's simple, inexpensive, safe, and organic! As long as you don't have a personal aversion to the smell  and you don't mind walking around smelling like a fresh-baked cinnamon roll, you might even like the scent. I promise you a bug-free summer with this cinnamon leaf oil solution.

Remember, you heard it here first, so

Keep your ears on!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

It All Started With Angelina Jolie

When the Broo published its first commentary one year and one hundred blog posts ago,  it was in revolt to all the positive media attention the disturbed and self-harming Angelina Jolie was receiving when she wrote the NY Times Op Ed, "My Medical Choice." She became an instant hero and a model parent because she chose to have her breasts removed and replaced to "avoid" getting breast cancer.

A week later, she got even more attention and publicity because Dr. Mehmet Oz, the doctor who plays wizard on TV, gave her the proverbial medal of honor as the media headlined how "proud" he was of her. I responded with a somewhat harsh follow-up post entitled "The Fake Leading The Blind," which concluded with these words:

"I might be coming across as not liking Angelina. That's not true at all. I care about her as I would care about any living thing.  In fact, I'm "proud" of her for being a millionairess high school drop-out! But, she happens to be in the spotlight for something that could potentially turn out to be a very dangerous trend among women world-wide."

As the Broo celebrates its one year anniversary, Angelina is in the news again for the very outcome that the Broo predicted. The loud  cheer-leading doctors who supported this act of madness are now being discredited by what is being termed the "Angelina Effect," Here are the alarming facts today, thanks to the UN ambassador of self-harm:
  • A recent study found more than two-thirds of women who had both breasts removed after a cancer diagnosis did not have a medical reason for doing so. 
  • They had a very low risk of developing cancer in the healthy breast because they had no family history of breast or ovarian cancer, or BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene mutations.
  • The study was carried out by US researchers, but surgeons in Britain say such requests are on the increase, especially from young patients who want the unaffected breast removed at the same time. 
  • In the US study, of 1,447 women treated for breast cancer, almost 8 per cent had undergone a double mastectomy. But 69 per cent of these women who underwent removal of the unaffected breast at the same time had no genetic or family risk factors.
  • women who do not have a genetic predisposition or family history are being over-treated
As if it wasn't enough that the hospital factories have millions of women lined up for costly c-sections, which are the most common hospital procedures in the US, generating the bulk of revenues by needlessly slicing up women's bellies. The second most common procedure in the "top three list" is circumcision, which is another completely needless assault on the human body. And in third place is Percutaneous coronary angioplasty. A 2011 study found that about half of those heart procedures were also unnecessary. Now we have unnecessary mastectomies battling for a lucrative spot in the top rankings, thanks to Mrs. Pitt!

Until men and women stop blindly and willingly surrendering their sacred bodies and the bodies of their children to the operating tables; and until we stop considering doctors our gods --unquestioningly handing them full control of our life decisions-- we will continue to be a country of medical guinea pigs, sacrificed to feed the piggy banks of the greedy, while destroying our bodies and minds in the process. Although this mass insanity makes good material for the Broo to keep bitchin' for years to come, it will have very sad results for the world if we don't collectively awaken from our slumber and start reversing these disturbing social and medical trends.

Keep your ears on...and the rest of your body parts!

Monday, May 19, 2014

May BHM: Rinat VS. The Beast
To be honest, I didn't know who Rinat Dray was until two days ago, but this week's media spotlight on her is enough reason for me to instantly crown her this month's Beautiful Human of the Month.

Rinat is suing the beast!

Rinat Dray is one of millions of American mothers who are sick and tired of being assaulted and treated like property once they become pregnant. She is a modern-day Rosa Parks--a simple mother who refused another c-section (after having had two), yet was forced to undergo this disempowering major surgical operation, which ended with the surgeon perforating her bladder and putting her life at risk. For begging to have a natural birth, she was accused of endangering her unborn child, and threatened that her baby would be taken away from her. All this mother pleaded for was some more time to give birth on her own, and her doctor called this "child abuse??" Birthing cats and dogs are given better treatment in America. They are at least allowed time, space, quiet peace, and privacy to have the best chances for a successful natural birth!

This scenario is becoming very widespread in hospitals all over the world. In Britain a woman who is deemed "mentally unfit" can be sedated , restrained, and forcefully cut open to remove her baby.

Expectant mothers very often check into hospitals with the full intention of having a natural birth, and come out traumatized and threatened as the hospital staff rush to get the babies out on their own schedule. It seems the concepts of free choice and "informed consent" when having surgical procedures in American hospitals do not apply to pregnant women. Women seem to lose all ownership of their bodies once they become pregnant.  Just this week in Tennessee, the governor passed a law that made criminals out of pregnant mothers who might struggle with "substance abuse."  This is outrageous! What defines "substance abuse" these days? What about forced substance abuse? What is that, you might ask? Well, here is the story about a pregnant woman who was legally fired from her job in the state of Pennsylvania because she refused to take the flu shot for fear it might harm her unborn child. Aren't vaccines a substance, and wouldn't administering them by force be considered abuse?

That is why, Rinat Dray's fight is so important for women all over the world. Enough is enough. Enough controlling our reproductive systems, birth, and medical decisions. Enough meddling with our parental rights, already!

Although there is a steady rise in home births among educated American parents wishing to avoid hospitals, I honestly don't know what is taking so long for us to fully unite with Rinat Dray and fight this barbaric practice of legalized assault on mothers. I do hope we see more and more such law suits, maybe even a class-action suit, to put an end to these mad practices once and for all. It's one thing for a woman to choose a pre-scheduled c-section for her own convenience (a mistake if you ask me), but quite another to be forced into it. It would be just as wrong and criminal as forcing people to have face-lifts (or amputations?) against their will, and putting them at risk of further injury in the process.

Here is a step by step breakdown of the Cesarean trap (also called an unnecesarean) which many women are falling into today. This is the trap that Rinat Dray was desperate to avoid. I copied it below from my midwife's website where it is called "The Cascade of Interventions."

Does it sound familiar? If it hasn't happened to you, surely it must have happened to someone you know...

Changing into the hospital gown

Something as seemingly harmless as wearing a hospital gown can have an effect on the laboring woman. Putting on the hospital gown shifts the balance of power from woman to hospital.  Her perception of herself shifts, and she sees herself as a patient, in the care of “experts,” rather than as a woman confident in her ability to birth on her own terms. This simple act may also make the woman feel less comfortable, feel cold or she may be concerned about modesty as well, which increases stress and makes relaxation harder.

Continuous Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM)

The major effect  of continuous EFM is that it keeps the mother immobile in bed. The use of EFM is not evidence-based, and even ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) admits it has had no effect in improving outcomes for babies.  Evidence shows that Intermittent EFM with a handheld Doppler is just as effective as continuous EFM at identifying babies in distress.  The only effect continuous EFM has had is that it has increased the cesarean section rate.

Getting the IV

IV’s restrict a woman’s mobility and make it easier to administer fluids and medications that can interfere with natural birth.  Sometimes, IVs can be helpful, especially if a woman is unable to tolerate oral hydration, or in an emergency situation.  In normal labor, women need to be free to move their bodies throughout labor, and should be encouraged to change positions frequently.  Having an IV can hinder that. The IV is also simply uncomfortable, annoying and may interfere with her focus on relaxing with contractions as well and make holding hands with her support person more uncomfortable or impossible. Even a hep lock can be bothersome in the same ways. The perception that having an IV readily available is helpful in an emergency is not evidence based. Many times this IV port is not working well enough to handle an emergency and must be restarted.

Labor augmentation with Pitocin®

The use of synthetic oxytocin (Pitocin®) makes labor more painful for the mother, and more difficult for the baby to tolerate. There are studies that show Pitocin® may interfere with the body's natural ocytocin hormone production which may hinder the mother's natural efforts in the pushing stage, may contribute to postpartum hemorrhage and may interrupt her bonding with her baby, contributing to postpartum depression.

Pain relief

Because the contractions are so intense with Pitocin®, the mother frequently will choose to receive an epidural for pain relief.

Restriction of movement

An epidural keeps a woman confined to bed for the duration of the labor and birth.  Being unable to move restricts the woman’s ability to help her baby get into a good position for birth. It may also hinder the baby's ability to move, too.

Contractions slow down

Epidurals can slow labor progress, which results in increasing dosages of Pitocin® to increase contraction intensity and frequency, which can lead to an even greater need for pain relief and greater risk of fetal distress.

Progress slows or stops
Assuming the woman reaches full dilation, the epidural can interfere with the woman’s ability to push effectively.

Fetal distress
Hard contractions, combined with reduced blood pressure and the lack of blood flow to the baby, can cause the baby to go into distress.

Cesarean section
After having exhausted all of the tools at the obstetrician’s disposal, this one option remains.

I'll be following Rinat Dray's case with great attention, and I wish this Beautiful Human of the Month all the justice and peace that she and her children deserve.

Keep your ears on...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Pistorius Saga Pauses


Maybe if I kept my mouth shut, we wouldn't have to wait another month to get a verdict on the Oscar Pistorius case, huh?

It looks like the judge in the trial has ordered that the defendant undergoes a one-month-long psychiatric evaluation to investigate more deeply the anxiety disorder Dr. Vorster claimed he had.

All kidding aside, I am very surprised that the case has taken this sharp turn, and that Pistorius was taken for a psychiatric evaluation during the Easter recess, three days after I wrote about his childhood trauma(s) and how it may connect to the murder.

If Pistorius makes it out alive from this psychiatric evaluation (I cannot imagine the depth of pain  from revisiting his past in such a way), the results of it will have to become public. I'm sure the thought of his life being laid out for the world to judge him by is terrifying. But his case also has the potential of bringing new light to a dark world. A world that downplays the importance of childhood experiences, from pregnancy to birth to infancy to bonding and security, and how these play a role in the future of our PHYSICAL and mental health.

I know the Broo readers might welcome a break from this story for the next month, but I can't wait to hear more details about his amputation, birth, and early relationships with his parents. Don't laugh, but I wonder if he was circumcized, and under what circumstances. I am firmly against any circumcision, male or female; so, I also wonder if his amputation at 11-months, not only caused him trauma from the horrific experience itself, but also a double-trauma due to his body memory of the circumcision that preceeded it. Two body violations before the age of one.  Something's gotta give.

Keep your ears on...

Monday, May 12, 2014

Pistorius: You heard It Here First.

Update on "Pistorius, Neither Innocent, Nor Guilty."

Is the defense team reading the Broo? I'd love to think so, but probably not.

But the quotes below from the most recent reports in the news media today, which come from a psychatrist called on by the defense, got me all excited to share this new development with the Broo readers.

"Dr. Merryll Vorster told the athlete's murder trial Monday that events during Pistorius' life, including the amputation of his lower legs as a baby and his late mother's habit of sleeping with a gun under her pillow, contributed to his "increasing stress."

"Pistorius' mother slept with a gun under her pillow, sometimes abused alcohol and did not soothe the feelings of anxiety her children experienced."

"The children were reared to see their external environment as a threat. It appears that the children were not soothed by their mother but rather all developed features of anxiety. Instead of the mother being in a position, if there was a threat, to relieve her children's anxiety."

"His parents always encouraged him to behave and appear as normal as possible. He was never able to allow himself to be seen as being disabled. He was always encouraged to be seen as being normal. Over time this could result in increasing levels of anxiety as the stress of appearing normal continued."

It all fits right into the formula, folks. We discussed this in detail in the previous post Happy (m)Others' Day, too. It couldn't be more clear. Negative body memory plus absent mother equals negative outcome.

Watch this portion of the hearing! It's very revealing.

This could become quite interesting! Keep your ears on...