Thursday, May 16, 2013

Angelina Jolie, you're not MY hero! 

C-sections, hysterectomies, and now Angelina Jolie and the "heroism" of elective "preventative" double mastectomies. Oh, and let's collectively inhale the media's message du jour that women who've done this can have "even better" boobs <wink wink> after reconstructive surgery!

Amnesiac America, remember when the same kind of people, media, doctors, and celebrities, told us formula milk was better than mother's perfect designer breast milk? And now that mothers are coming around to the faulty thinking and bad science, the messengers still try to sell us on formula-feeding today. Yes, all the sugar and chemicals in fake milk might be helpful and even complementing to breast milk!!
How much bad medicine and wrong advise will we fall for over and over?
Why have American women entered the workforce at the price of giving up all our natural POWERS. The power of conceiving and birthing naturally, the power of mothering, the power of nursing our babes, and our intuitive power of our own and our children's health?

I think a double mastectomy to "prevent" cancer must be the most barbaric and uneducated doctor-duped choice a woman could make. Unless Jolie is actually doing this for the "new and improved" boobs and the massive publicity, she must be a very very gullible gal who is being used to promote a very dangerous choice that benefits and profits corporations, while needlessly assaulting the health of a generation of women using faulty science and statistical predictions.

Let's examine how elective surgeries have made the United States of America the sickest it has ever been in its history. Let's just start skimming the surface with the following little piece of news. It was recently reported that we have the highest first-day infant death rate in the industrialized world! I'm not surprised to hear this because we haven't been doing very well in the mother mortality rates either. We fall behind a lot of countries we give billions of aid to and most of those we're engaged with in wars! Now that this information isn't a secret anymore, is anyone still questioning why I decided to have a home-birth in 2009? It's a hell of a lot safer. At least in this country where hospitals and prescription medications have become our #1 killers! Not cancer, not cigarettes, and not guns. Every time we set foot in a hospital the danger of falling victim to medical error is at least 25%.

We American women especially have allowed "modern" mainstream medicine to completely take control of our amazing, wonderous, and spiritual bodies, and the bodies of our children. We have rejected the empowerment which results from natural childbirth in exchange for a domino effect dependance on the sickening so-called health care system.

You may already know this, but America has the highest rates of c-sections in the world. At least 35% of us go this route. Though many cases are justified, the majority are not. Most Unnecessarians are performed purely for the convenience of the doctors and patients. The children's birth dates and times are chosen for them, for heaven's sake! What will that make of the accuracy of future astrological charts?

All kidding aside, once a woman goes the c-section way, trouble usually lurks ahead. For starters we risk postpartum depression due to difficulty in mother-child bonding, post-surgical infection, robbing the infants of vital umbilical cord blood and depriving them of protective vaginal canal bacteria, not to mention lactation issues. And they say home birth is risky! In addition, we have a government that on the surface pays lip service to breast-feeding for the child's first year of life, yet the same government does not ensure that mothers get proper maternity leave. Just look at this chart comparing parental leave among nations. The United States is the only one, the only one that gives (and gets) a BIG FAT ZERO.

Wait! Yahoo Inc., headed by a mother CEO Marissa Mayer, does a little better. They actually give women 8 weeks paid maternity leave, BUT they also reward women for having c-sections by paying them for 2 extra weeks to stay home with their newborn infants.Must be tough not to choose a little more time with your little love. I wonder what the c-section rate for employees of Yahoo Inc. look like compared to the national averages. I'll bet it's higher. It would be interesting to find out.

When did American women become so impotent (pun intended) and duped as to accept the unacceptable! Did celebrities like Angelina Jolie historically do us in with their various "heroic" examples? Look, I know this is still a somewhat free country and people can still choose to do what they want. But when a celebrity gets out there and pretends to be a hero, sharing and encouraging the cutting off of body parts, it's a class-action crime, or she's being duped by her doctors, or being paid big bucks by someone. By God, the woman is so powerfully iconic she's even got MEN afraid of getting ovarian cancer!!!

Angelina Jolie, is anyone paying you for this flick?

What happened to the Hippocratic Oath to "first do no harm?" Why can't we trust that the human body is a self-healing, all-knowing, miraculous, and perfect machine if we treat it with respect and awareness? When did we start to distrust, interrupt, betray, and assault our bodies at such alarming rates?

If I sound angry, well it's because I am deeply pissed off.

I am against treating the symptoms and not the cause. I don't want to force men and women to make babies, I want to know why they can't seem to do it unaided. The numbers are staggering and the real reasons are downplayed. I am against most immunizations, another area we out-do the rest of the world in. American children are the most vaccinated in the world, yet they are at the lowest risk of getting the diseases which they are vaccinated for. Can someone please tell me why in the world American hospital-born babies get the HepB shot in their first day of life?

I am against most prescriptions drugs, elective tonsillectomies (which may have contributed to my early hearing loss), elective wisdom tooth extractions (which contribute to future cavities), elective hysterectomies, and basically the unnecessary cutting or removal of  any perfectly designed human body part while institutions profit. And don't even get me started on circumcision. I also believe that public schooling today is a form of an elective lobotomy, and it's never been more urgent to find alternatives to the misguided and damaging education models we have today.

I am here to write about all those things I believe we're doing backwards as a nation. We are slowly giving up our health freedom, family freedom, education freedom, and sanity. It scares the hell out of me, and I have to start talking, even if I talk only to myself in this corner of the internet, while Angelina Jolie gets the world stage.


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