Thursday, May 23, 2013

You Tech, and I Blendtec.

I consider our Blendtec to be our next best investment to giving money to Ron Paul's leadership campaigns for peace and prosperity. Here's why.

Getting back into the blog scene hasn't been very easy for me tech-wise. Lots has changed since I quit blogging in 2005, and my entire focus in life has completely shifted since I got married (at 40), left my 17-year teaching career, and had a kid. Now I spend at least 50% of the day in my tiny little condo kitchen, including now at this writing because it's also the best place for our meek internet connection.  Tiny it is, but in my book, the most efficient kitchen I can ever work in, where my husband says "miracles happen." We have a huge freezer taking up a good portion of the space, and lots of gadgets and burners, and awesome food filling all its corners with goodness... everything in its own hidden place. I've a feeling there will be many more 'tales from my kitchen' in future postings at BitchesBroo.

So... the Blendtec topic was an idea I got while working in my kitchen this morning, and it turns out to be yet another product plug. Actually it's two product plugs. Well..maybe it's for a couple of products AND a couple of store plugs. I must be secretly hoping that free advertising for my favorite things might increase readership somehow.

I've now hand-washed and put away my awesome Blendtec and ready to talk about it. I just finished making a home-made version of the left green bottle below.

If you've seen the popular $9.99 bottles of Blueprint drinks at Whole Foods or at My Organic Market, what I made today is very similar, though fresher, more varied, and less costly. But it takes some work and cleanup is a small chore. That's what you're paying for in purchasing the bottle.

I often think that if (heaven forbid!) I ever get diagnosed with a gruesome illness (cancer, diabetes, whatever), I would go on a long juice fast,  drinking only this kind of stuff while doing whatever else treatment (natural, chemo, prayer) I decide to do.

You can basically use any vegetables you like, but just watch out on the fruits and try to keep it to an apple or pear in order to better control for sugars. Here's what I made today with

1 cup water
2 inches fresh ginger root
quarter of a lemon, including rind
4 leaves of kale (and/or spinach, green lettuce, or any other greens)
skin and flesh of one pair or apple
1/3 bunch of parsley
6-inches of a large cucumber (and or 4 stalks of un-threaded celery)

Blended it 2x on "X-Large Smoothie"

Strained it. Drank it! 

Makes about 4 cups of juice, or 3 Blueprint-sized bottles that would have cost $30.

I added a tiny bit of honey in the half cup I gave my son, and he's slowly warming up to the idea of "green juice with honey." Yay!

We bought this blenderizer around 2008 and have since used it almost daily through my pregnancy, weekly through our protein smoothie for breakfast phase, and other great food phases like making dairy-free mousses, home-made tahini, soups, milkshakes, and on and on. We're such big fans of it, that we'd sit around with our older kids and  watch "Does It Blend?" Youtubes. Our favorite was the Ipad episode. People really ouched from this one. Here it is. Stay tuned...

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