Friday, May 24, 2013

Yoga. Just do it.

I just finished teaching my last Radiant Child class in a six-week series at a heavenly local yoga studio that welcomed me in February. Together we tried to salvage a lightly enrolled children's yoga program.  The small numbers in the general yoga programs there had been shrinking, leaving the owner with no choice but to give up one of the studios. This left my children's classes  no time or space to continue there.

I deeply enjoyed planning for and teaching this class, especially a mother and her 4-year-old radiant son who were especially enthusiastic, engaged, and curious about the whole 'language' of yoga, not just the Asanas (postures). And from their presence, I grew a little more as a yogini and teacher.

It's sad I won't be teaching there anymore, but the good news is, I have another gig in the works, possibly teaching two similar classes to the kids in our residence building for six weeks between July and August. The classic "door shutting and window opening" scenario is before me.

Which brings us to my first posting about yoga. Well.. it would be the first if we didn't count my review of the book, Yoga Bitch.

How do I begin without sounding like another boring yoga commentary to try to convince YOU to practice this essential life skill, NOW! That is if you don't already practice (and preach) yoga, like I know some of you do.
In that case, you're dismissed.

But to everyone else, including you, my husband...Listen up.

First, for heaven's sake, SIT UP STRAIGHT! Yeah, right now. You're most likely slumping over reading this in some kind of unnatural position, aren't you? Whether on your couch with your beloved lap-top, or from behind a desk somewhere, or on a bus looking at your phone, you're not sitting up, right? So SIT UP.

Hard, huh?

Now close your eyes and imagine your spine in the vertical center of your back and do what your mind tells it to do to straighten it up.


Get your hands away from that keyboard and put yourself in a position  (standing or sitting),  where you drop your arms by your sides. Take a deep breath inwards (inhale) while raising your straight arms up until your hands meet over your head, then breath out (exhale) as you bring your hands down. Do this slowly and several times, at least ten. Ok? I'll wait here until you're done.

Tell me you don't feel a little better. Tell me.

Yoga rocks. Stay

And if this still sounded like another boring yoga commentary to you, maybe Shambu can help 'splain it better.
Click on the picture to watch.

(Thanks to Shakta for sharing first.)

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