Friday, May 31, 2013

So, what's Googling?

Being a born-again blogger, I'm still catching up with the new system and I've yet to figure out how to post my favorite links on the home page. That's coming up, but for now I'll share here a very abbreviated list of some of my favorite sites, with some short descriptions of each.

At this site I seek folk medicine's ancient advice from traditions all over the world. And for the past two years, I can honestly say that we've only been to doctors for "wellness" checks because we've never been steered wrong by this site, and we're usually steered in direction of healing. I've learned here that SOOO many minor illnesses can be treated naturally at home instead of by costly and often dangerous mainstream medical personnel and their pharmaceutical drugs!

This is a paleo/primal lifestyle site run by the esteemed Mark Sisson. Here, I especially enjoy reading the inspirational Friday success stories, as well as the truly awesome recipes that are shared periodically. Lots of good stuff there. Worth it to sign up for the e-newsletter.

This is a site for truth-seekers in media/political events.  A whole different perspective from what you'll hear at ABCBSNBCNNFOX news. It can be quite fierce. Michael Rivero, the owner of the site, has been nominated by his readers/fans to run for president. I think that's a joke...not sure, yet. The stories linked here are personally shared by him, or by the member-readers.

I go here to exercise and entertain my brain because this is where some of the biggest Libertarian American thinkers hang out. Great stories and commentary. RESPECT.

This truly proved to be a most excellently run business since it made its debut on the net. I find things here from all corners of the earth. From Alum to  Zaatar. I hope to figure out how to link it from my site soon, in order to start taking advantage of their rewards plan.

Five for Friday and,

stay tuned...

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