Monday, May 20, 2013

On analyzing a billionaire sensation..

To be honest, I'd never heard of David Karp until he hit the media in the last couple of days, but by God, I want to just exploit this kid already, to make my case for home-schooling. I'm posting below an amazing blurb from Business Insider brought to my attention by a loyal reader. I'm just emboldening the points which I think are so important to highlight. 

"The Fabulous Life Of David Karp, 26-Year-Old Founder Of The $1 Billion Tumblr Empire"

"David Karp was born and raised in Manhattan. He dropped out of high school with his parent's blessing at the age of 15, was home-schooled for three years, and joined the work force."

With my 25 plus years of study, work, knowledge and expanding perspective in the field of education, from the variety of historical models to the successes and failures of education world-wide, I have an observation after reading this. I'm fully convinced that this historical event would never have happened for this young man, had he been forced to be schooled in a traditional model. American parents must demand FULL educational freedom for their children. Our children don't "belong" to anyone, period. Anyone calling themselves an educator who pushes the alternative social-control agenda in the media is a dangerous teacher who I don't want around my kid!

Read more about the Tumblr king at wikipedia.

The only thing is, if I was his mother, I would probably advise him not to take payment in cash from Yahoo, inc., but to ask for it in GOLD. But that, my friends, is another discussion altogether...


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